Translation Services

Translation Service

In the hustle world, nowadays translation has become a part for the communication network. Either verbal or documentation plays an important role to remove the gap in the communication skills. We, Foreign Language Guru provide ISO certified translation services in different types of languages at a reasonable price. We are expert to provide Best Translations Services in Delhi  in different sectors businessman, student, technician, corporate employee, medical profession and legal expert. If you need a one page translation or you have high volumes of content. Our certified translators can translate that into a powerful blend of linguistic ability, writing skills and subject matter expertise. Although we are based in India but we have access across the world through our translation services. We are one of the global translation company in the industry. Document Translation Service

We have a team of native speakers and experts from respective country. Our Company provide services for translation in both Indian and International languages, delivering end to end quality translation services to our clients. We not only translate the words but we translate the feelings as well because every language has their own culture and sentiments. In the proof reading we focus on the several quality assurance checks to verify spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, completeness and accuracy. We pay attention to cultural sensitivity and integration of language usages. We provide translation services to all business sectors of the modern world such as:-

  • Technical content Translation
  • Translation of the certificate
  • Urgent basis Translation
  • Translation of the website
  • Translation of the Degree
  • Resume Translation
  • Translation of the Content
  • Translation of Immigration Documents
  • Commercial documents Translation
  • Marketing and promotional translation
  • Translation of the legal documents
  • Content translation
  • Brochure translation
  • Academic Translation
  • Translation of Commercial documents
  • Marketing and promotional translation
  • Financial and corporate translation
  • Medical translation

Our Services

Certified Translation Services:

We are expert in Indian and foreign Languages translation services and we are ensuring that we deliver quality oriented services to our client. For the proof reading comprehensive service providers for translation, localization and interpretation services. We always keen to maintain strong relations with our clients, in order to deliver authentic and error-free translations within given time frame. Our Company specialized in technical translation of documents as our certified translators are domain experts with hand on experience in science and technology. We have experienced translator and they are always update themselves from the latest technology.

Certified Localization Services

In terms of the translations services we more focus on the localization services and the term localization means adaption of the local culture in the translation for the foreign language market. Localization and translation has a deep connection, refers to the customization of the content as per the requirement and the need of the specific market. This transformation brings business to international level and demands to serve out on a local basis by localization their materials whether it is website or literature. In order to reach target audience, one has to localize their services or material. Our team of professional language experts strives to provide customized services for a wide range of industries requiring localization services as per the cultural context and nuances of the target audience.

Certified Interpretation Services

Foreign language Guru is an expert to provide interpretation services without any boundaries of language communication. The interpretation services will help you to generate new business plan and marketing strategy for international clients. Our interpreters have expertise not only in the language but also in other specialized areas like legal medical corporate government, IT & Engineering etc; enabling them to provide business interpretation services for content which is technical. We serve a huge clientele from different countries and domains. If you have any plan for global business, interpretation can be the perfect aid for you, as it facilitates oral or sign-language communication between multilingual users.

We can provide interpretation services to various domains, such as:

  • Business Tours
  • Board meetings
  • Business luncheons
  • Employee orientations
  • Legal Matters
  • Schools
  • Certified Proofreading & Editing Services

We offer highly accurate editing & proofreading services to our clients for various industries. Our ISO certified proofreaders are well linguists with command and fluency in the source language. We strongly recommend proofreading as part of translation process, to verify content, localized style and clarity. We ensure consistency with your in-house style and terminology. The quality of every proofreading project we work on is bench-marked against quality control procedures. This means we run spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and completeness checks as standard. Our experts edit and proofread the materials to make them correct in terms of quality, tone, vocabulary, context, style, terminology and localization. If you are targeting a multilingual audience and you find some text errors, tone errors or localization errors in the translated documents, in case, they are not reviewed properly after translation, the customers will instantly notice it and would not be attracted by your brand. We also proofread documents or material that is in your native language.

Why Choose Us

Only about 10% of people in the world speak English. There exists a large opportunity to reach out to markets other than the English-speaking ones, with the help of translation services.
Internet adoption around the world is increasing; people are transacting over the net much more than they did before. Hence, it is important to translate your web content into other languages.
Many developing markets such as China, Brazil, Mexico etc., have little business communication in English. People in such countries continue to communicate in their own language. Translation helps in cutting across language barriers and interacting with people in such countries.
Literary texts, books and novels need to be translated into various languages so that they can be read by people in other countries.

Top Quality Translation Services

Since years, we are delivering translation services in global market. Our immense experience in translation for multiple languages will help you to connect with your target audience.

The quality checks followed by our experts are:-

  • ISO certified company
  • Experienced and native interpreters
  • 99% accuracy
  • 100% confidential and secure
  • 50+ languages (both Indian and foreign languages)
  • Translation within 2 days
  • 1000+ language pairs
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Industry-specific translators
  • Have multilingual abilities
  • Timely delivery
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Experienced and native interpreters

Customized services as per your needs and requirements experience a consistent and flawless translation service.


We have an experienced team of certified Indian and foreign language translators who excel at providing 50+ types of Indian and Foreign Language translation services. Some of the languages are mentioned below:

Indian Languages
European Languages
Asian Languages
Middle East Languages

Foreign Language Guru is one of the leading service providers of accurate language translation all across the world. Due to rapid growth in technologies, there is a demand for global communication to overcome the cultural diversity and language barriers. We bring a winning combination of Translation Services along with industry expertise, an exceptionally talented team of multilingual translators who are potential to translate any material with the highest degree of quality and excellence. Also, we have a huge portfolio of accurate translation, interpretation, localization services. You may get number of translation companies on internet. But, not all of them are genuine or certified. We proudly admit to be a global leader in translation services, carried by professional translators.

Our Translation Process

We follow a well-organized translation procedure to deliver high-quality translation work within the specified time frame. This efficient process ensures that we offer the highest degree of quality and accuracy within the translation project.

Our Translators

Established from last 14 years, we have a team of 500+ certified multilingual language experts who are translating, localize and proofreading the content for our various clients all over the world. A team is the major pillar on which the success of a company stays and flourishes. With such parameters, our management has chosen some of the top experts from all around the world, thereby making us as the most diverse translation company in terms of workforce. Significant years of experience in Translation