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To pursue a business, you need a trusted legal specialist to rely on. We offer best legal service in Delhi to establish a business in India and overseas such as legal formalities, company formation, to set up a branch office, trade issues, custom matters and taxation laws. For a beginner in business world, legal system and business practices are new to you, the need of legal expert is compulsory. For that purpose, we have a dedicated team to work on your legal matters related to various business laws from establishment of an office to wind up of the business. Along with that we also pursue mutually settlement of business disputes via arbitration or claim case procedure.

How to set up an office overseas

Business expansion overseas brings lots of prospects along with number of difficulties & challenges. Success of a business also expands with expansion of business territories internationally. However, it is not easy to expand overseas as many factors needs to be tackle properly. In such cases, need of an international expert takes place that can assist in the expansion process with the international laws.

We have the expertise to guide you through the entire process of expansion overseas. As every country have its rules and guidelines in accordance with the constitutional law that most of the people outside the country are unaware of its laws and statues. We assist them to do business in compliance with their laws and jurisdiction by our expert and dedicated teams into different matters.

For expansion to the other country, currency volatility is the foremost factor with respect to the home country and requires expert advice which we provide. There are other legal obligations which may vary like turnover of the parent company and its nature of business. Some areas that affect overseas expansion are as follows:-

  • Type of Business
  • Nature of Business
  • Currency
  • Turnover
  • Capital & investment
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Clearance Certificates & approvals (from Govt. agencies, if required)
  • License
  • Visa

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