Team & Management

Saju Jakob

Saju Jakob

Founder Chairman and Legal Head/ Chief Adviser of IGCS Group, English Solicitor (UK), Member of Bar Council of Germany, Registered Indian Lawyer with German Courts, Advocate practicing in Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

Having studied in US, Germany, UK and India and worked in all these countries, accumulated large-scale experience with multinational companies and with international law firms in Europe & US. In 2002, he has started his own law offices in Germany with offices in UK, Hague & India ( and ( legal adviser he has advised many International Corporate Companies in Telecom sector to expand its activities in Asia and other countries. He was an official Representative of Norka Department of State of Kerala in Europe for some years starting from 2002 till 2004. During the expansion activities of BMW to India, Mr. Jakob has advised State Govt. of Kerala and South Indian Governments to negotiate with BMW Germany and to set up its office in South India. With the support of his law offices in Europe, many European Companies have set up their factories and opened their businesses in India. Apart from his legal career, he is a well known speaker on various international subjects in Europe and Germany. He has conducted many Seminars in Germany and other countries of Europe.

Company Profile

In the year 2004, he has founded his first company, Indo German Consultancy Services in Germany, which has sent German citizens (1.5 Million) to India during the last 11 years and it has become the exclusive official service provider of Consulate General of India in Frankfurt and Hamburg in 2007 and responsible for 8 states and those living in the states ( Mr. Jakob has started many other companies like Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH and IGCS Indo German Services GmbH- (  Indo German Consultancy Services Ltd is one of such enterprises that have become leading player in the arena of Indo German business relations.

He has started his Business & Legal Consultancy in the year 2010 in India and started advising many companies to go international. Along that he has started European Institute of Foreign Languages and International Studies in India with offices in Germany and Delhi


Ben Tahar

German Partner

Mr. Ben Tahar is a German national and representative of German Partner. He is a native of Cologne City in Germany and an experienced Trainer and Consultant with his vast experience in various fields. He has been associated with this company for the last 10 years. He comes very often to New Delhi and undertakes assignment as per the schedules and training program. He is also an international intercultural Trainer for German companies in India.


Alexander Janitschke

Head of IT Department

He is a native German and an IT Engineer and Consultant by Profession. He has been working with us for the more than last 10 years. He leads our IT Team and Software Engineer Team along with other responsibilities for the tender management.


Sabina Janitschke

German Visa Expert

Sabine is a German national, and has been working with us for the last 4 years. She is advising the clients on Visa and Immigration. She is an expert on visa regulations of various countries apart from her expertise on German Visa rules and regulations. She is also a travel expert and manages our Airline booking and ticketing.

IT Team

IT Team

We have a team of qualified and experienced IT professionals and trainers. They are experienced in their domain such as PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, Web development and digital marketing etc. All IT professionals are qualified in B.Tech / M.Tech from a recognized university and having number of years of experience in the industry.