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User Interface training enable you to design and develop excellent display page for a website or web page. Browser-based user interface and web solutions enable the content presentation from requirement stage to deployment stage on web page. The user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a human being may interact. The UI Developer operates effectively as a member of the development team and as an individual for quick turnaround of enhancements and fixes. This Course is designed for:

1) Job seekers who want to double their chances to get placement as User Interface Developer
2) Developers who are already familiar with any Server Side Language and want to improve their knowledge of advanced development techniques.
3) Professional Designer who want to write more efficient, secure and clean code.

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  • What is HTML?
  • Review of HTML Elements
  • Inserting Spaces and Line Breaks
  • What is an HTML Table?
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Graphic File Formats
  • Forms and Controls

CSS 2 and CSS 3 Icon Image

  • Semantic mark up
  • CSS review and basics
  • Some basic CSS properties
  • Creative artwork and CSS
  • Layout principals with CSS
  • Building layout with CSS
  • CSS based navigation
  • Creating a CSS styled form
  • Styling a data table
  • Creating a print page
  • Working with other media types
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery

HTML 5 Icon Image

  • Introduction
  • Laying out a page with HTML5
  • HTML5 – How we got here
  • Sections and Articles
  • HTML5 Audio and Video
  • HTML5 Forms
  • HTML5 New Form Attributes
  • HTML5 New Form Field Attributes
  • New Form Elements
  • HTML5 Web Storage
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Interagrated APIS


  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Layout with Bootstrap
  • Everyday Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Component
  • Bootstrap and JavaScript